BHEST Medical

BHEST Medical was founded in 2015 by a team of Johns Hopkins University biomedical engineering undergraduate students. Consisting of Haley Huang, Tom Catullo, Barbara Kim, Stephen Johannesson, Esteban Urias, Eric Chiang, Anshul Subramanya, and Tony Sun, BHEST Medical has been focused on designing and developing Separatec in collaboration with neurosurgeons and industry experts across the country. BHEST Medical has received numerous awards and accolades including:



Haley Huang is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and leads the team through clinical research, prototype desing, patenting, and competition and grant submissions. A Biomedical Engineering graduate of Johns Hopkins University, she now also works as a consultant with IBM.


Barbara Kim is the Chief Research Officer responsible for designing components and producing rendered simulations of product usage. Graduating Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering, Barbara now works with Accenture.


Stephen Johannesson is responsible for market analysis, consumer base identification, identifying methods of distribution and developing business strategies. He has graduated Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and is working at a private equity and financial advisory firm.


Eric Chiang is the Vice Financial Officer and is responsible for internal financial management of the company and developing programs to quantify device efficacy. He also compiles business plan submissions for the company and is currently working on the upcoming TCU Values and Ventures Competition. He is currently a sophomore Biomedical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University.


Anshul Subramanya is the Chief Administrative Officer responsible for managing and maintaining internal corporate records. He also works to find new business plan competitions and has spearheaded multiple projects: most notably the recent Retail & Health Innovation Challenge. He is currently a sophomore Biomedical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University.


Tony Sun is the Chief Marketing Officer and is reponsible for documenting, creating and publishing media pertaining to company projects. He is also extensively involved with communicating with possible partner companies and is currently leading the company through LAUNCH, a startup accelerator at UC Berkeley.


Tom Catullo was the simulation designer, responsible for creating computer models to test material properties of our model, and conduct modal analysis.


Esteban Urias was the product tester. He was responsible for designing physical models and experiments that test the efficacy of our product.


Dr. Allan Belzberg, MD · Dr. Robert Allen, PhD
Dr. Greg Helm, MD, PhD · Dr. Webster Crowley, MD · Dr. George Cybulski, MD · Dr. Patrick Hitchon, MD · Dr. Agha Khan, MD · Dr. Dan Sciubba, MD · Dr. Zeena Dorai, MD · Mr. Dennis Chien · Dr. Timothy Witham, MD · Dr. Elizabeth Logsdon, PhD · Dr. Stephen Belkoff, PhD · Mr. Francis Cook · Mr. Lawrence Aronhime · Dr. Lee Riley III, MD · Dr. Nicholas Wetjen, MD · Dr. John Ratliff, MD · Dr. William Taylor, MD · Dr. Anand Veeravagu, MD · Dr. Rohan Gupta, MD · Dr. Donlin Long, MD · Dr. Quoc-Anh Thai, MD · Dr. Jeff Jacobson, MD · Mr. Chris Browne · Dr. Katherine Vorvolakos, PhD · Dr. Christina Holmes, PhD · Mr. Rich Middlestadt · Mr. Arthur Yuan · Wes Bernier · Patience Osei · Mr. Seth Zonies · Ms. Anjali Ramaswamy